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Win A Free VPN Service Every Day In 2015

Happy New Year! One of this year’s first great VPN deals comes from the leader in up-and-coming VPN services, Kovurt!

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VPN Startup Launches In Asia, Focuses On Global Growth

Asia is home to a new virtual private network startup.

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Adding Some Key Facts In’s China’s Internet ‘Wall’ Hits Business Article

VPNs are useful for creating a private connection online. Most users around the world use VPNs specifically for privacy. But a growing number of users in places like China and Iran also use VPNs for circumvention. The Wall Street Journal’s

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Is OpenVPN Dead?

With total filtering (i.e., block) of the OpenVPN protocol in recent weeks in places like China, many users are wondering if this is the end for OpenVPN. What started in late October 2012 with only filterings of certain ports of

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