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Astrill Blames China Users For Connectivity Problems In China?

Users of Astrill, one of the VPN services used in China, are seeing an odd message pop-up like this: What does this mean? Is the company blaming or angry at its users for spreading it’s software around the country?

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Using A VPN To Circumvent Website Blocks In The UK

A VPN is usually used to protect your privacy. But in many situations, a VPN is necessary to circumvent censorship or website blocks. When we think of censorship or blocked websites, we often think of China or Iran, which filter

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Stay Private On World Consumer Rights Day With 50% Discount Off VPN Services

Security and privacy are important for all Internet consumers, and Kovurt’s VPN services are an important global part of keeping you private. March 15 is World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD), an annual occasion for celebration and solidarity within the international

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Win A Free VPN Service Every Day In 2015

Happy New Year! One of this year’s first great VPN deals comes from the leader in up-and-coming VPN services, Kovurt!

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50% Discount On All Annual VPN Plans At has unveiled a new partnership discount code with VPN provider from now until the end of October 2014, use the discount code “vpninstructoct2014” on the checkout page for a 50% discount off any Annual Plan. has both

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How to setup a VPN on Apple TV

Setting up a VPN on your Apple TV can either be incredibly difficult, or pretty easy, depending on your method. For our instructions and tutorial, we are using the VPN services from You can use any service you like,

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Why Are VPNs Important For Americans Overseas Who Monitor Credit Reports?

Americans living around the world have their credit rating to worry about, and the federal government and private industries in the USA has made it simpler over the years for Americans to monitor their credit reports. The website is

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VPN Startup Launches In Asia, Focuses On Global Growth

Asia is home to a new virtual private network startup.

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A Great VPN Solution That Combines Computer Backup For Windows Users

There are lots of different types of VPNs based on how they are used. Some VPNs like those from Citrix GoToMyPC create a VPN connection so you can safely access your home computer from anywhere in the world. Other VPNs

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VPN Encryption Is Broken? Not Exactly…

The latest Snowden revelations that governments in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and elsewhere have broken encryption are not entirely new. Nor should people be surprised. After all, key encryption protocols were developer by U.S. government spy agencies, so we should

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