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Kovurt VPN Adds Free New App For iPhone, iPad, and iPhone Touch

The VPN service at Kovurt.com, whose services are mostly still in Beta but they still offer a few paid subscription options, has launched a new free VPN app.

We tested the VPN app from Beijing, Hong Kong, Chengdu, London, and New York and all loaded pages quickly on an iPad or iPhone. The VPN app offers “one-click” action, so you only need to click a button once to load all your configurations and the next time you want to get on the Kovurt VPN network you just click “On” in your iPhone’s settings.

This first version can be downloaded by anybody, but the main features require a login only available to paid VPN subscribers of the Kovurt service. This first version also only offers VPN server connections from Asia, but Kovurt says an update soon will expand all the offerings to servers in Europe and North America. This means anybody in the world can use the app now, but when you connect to the VPN it will appear like you are in Asia — this makes sense for Kovurt since many of its users are in Asia. But the US and Europe are huge VPN markets too, so the next update should make watching Netflix or BBC much easier for Americans and Brits.

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